Where do you even start?


Boating in The Maldives



I guess with a name, an identity…a brand even?

You find a niche and you work with it. But this day in age, 2017.. all the niches are full. Of course, nothing is ‘niche’ any longer.

But it’s still OK to write about your travels, isn’t it? Even if I don’t have top photography skills or the lavish lifestyle required for luxury photos in obscured destinations. Writing is a hobby for me. Isn’t it nice to put your memoirs down in one place? So friends and family can join in across the oceans with what you’re up to? Well, I think so.

My name’s Gemma, I guess you could say I found my passion late in life. 32 years on this earth and I somehow only took my first backpacking trip in 2010. The lead up to this was somehow cliché. Girl splits up with boy, girl has breakdown, girl cries a lot..girl reassess life, saves up money desperately, packs up and flies off to Thailand. Little did that 25-year-old girl know that she would be horrendously struck down by the travel bug (cliché, no?).

Fast forward 7 years and i’m writing this in my 41st country. Somehow back then I always knew I wanted to travel. I had got stuck in a rut, working hard, playing hard, failed relationship and my fair share of financial issues. Once I realised in myself I no longer needed to please other people I found the strength and the courage to start pursuing my dreams. Back in 2006 when I qualified as a nurse, I never did it with the intention to travel. Today I am grateful, not only for a career that takes me around the world, but to have a wealth of interest and experience in what I do.

Nursing in Saudi Arabia brought me all the opportunities I craved. A new experience, a new culture, vast amounts of holidays and a lucrative salary to spend on my dreams of travelling the world. I know my move to Saudi Arabia was one of the best choices I made in life. Since making that move back in 2012 I’ve travelled all over the place, ticking countries off my bucket list. Places I’d always wanted to go such as Vietnam and the Philippines and even places I never imagined I’d be lucky enough to visit like the Maldives and Lebanon.

I recently quit my life and job in Saudi Arabia to take new risks and seek new opportunities. Luckily, I was offered work as a locum nurse in Turks and Caicos (a dream luxury holiday destination, and somewhere I most definitely couldn’t afford to visit without this opportunity) and also Bermuda (!!!!) to work and travel and explore a whole new part of the world.

My career funds my travels… there’s no fancy job, fancy gadgets, fancy blog, or inheritance fund… just hard work and the courage to take risks.

Join me on my journey ❤




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