5 Ways to be a responsible traveller


Beirut, Lebanon


Do we need to justify our travel bug to beat our persistent guilt?

Does travelling sustainably, responsibly and ethically ease those lingering feelings?

These words are bounced about all over the place these days and increasingly travellers are being accused of irresponsible travel. That makes me feel guilty, along with feeling guilty for being “privileged” to travel. And by this, I mean dealing with the poverty and desperation you see when traveling, and then attempting to fit perfectly back into a world of Western privilege, wishing others knew what you now know.

I don’t think anyone should be compelled to feel guilty for choosing to travel, however, it comes. Of course, travelling opens up the world, forces people to develop a more open mind and allows us to be the one world that we are. It reduces racism, culturalism and dissolves the feelings that your country is better and greater than every other country, ultimately resulting in a more content and sturdy society. Is it not true that united we stand, divided we fall?

Wouldn’t we all rather live in a world where we normalise at least trying to accept and understand other cultures, even if at times this may feel difficult?

Read the full story here on We Are Travel Girls.

3 thoughts on “5 Ways to be a responsible traveller

  1. I understand where you’re coming from, although I feel no guilt on the general issue of travelling as responsibly as I reasonably can. Yes, we are “privileged” compared to many, though not so privileged compared to others, and part of that is due to accidents of birth but for both you and I, a large part is due to working hard and smart and above all saving, not wasting, our money to spend it on experiences of value to us. And spending it in what Trump may have just called shithole countries could well help them become less shithole!

    Go easy on yourself (and I will nag you occasionally to save for a pension :-)). There are things you can change and things you cannot.


    1. 100% agree with you Paul.
      It’s all about hard work and a good balance I think. And like you say, spending money on what is of value. Only more recently have I got to thinking about these things and how to travel responsibly. Thanks for your feedback 🙂


      1. Interesting that I can comment, but I can’t “like”, on this channel.

        You raise so many issues that I think are of fundamental importance! For your audience, and maybe sounding like their dads but I don’t care, keep something of whatever you earn for yourself to spend later.


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