What is travel?



Travel is a movement,

A movement from one destination to the next.


Travel is a lesson,

A lesson in life, love, and happiness,

A lesson in sadness and broken hearts,

A lesson in courage,

A lesson in you.


Travel is a relationship,

A relationship with the world,

A relationship with your mind,

A relationship with the journey,

A relationship that is never ending.


Travel is a perspective,

A perspective on reality,

A perspective on adventure,

A perspective on stereotypes,

A perspective on assumptions.


Travel is an addiction,

An addiction to the adrenaline,

An addiction to conquering uncertainties,

An addiction to awareness,

An addiction to sensory overload.


Travel is fear,

A fear of getting lost and never returning,

A fear of vulnerability and imperfection,

A fear of the unknown,

A fear of what you’re chasing.


Travel is love,

Falling in love with the world and its people,

Falling in love with beautiful flaws,

Falling in love with the new, and out of love with the old,

Falling in love with the chase.


Travel is chasing,

Chasing freedom,

Chasing answers,

Chasing happiness,

Chasing possibilities.

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