A journey on The Great Wall of China

    Hiking on The Great Wall of China The truth is, life is short, none of us know what might happen tomorrow, and tomorrow is never promised. I guess analysis of reality is left to the individual. Interpretation is personal. Everyone’s goals, ambitions and desires differ. Life would be dull if we all dreamt the same dreams. What makes it colourful … Continue reading A journey on The Great Wall of China

Ma’asallama Magic Kingdom. Thanks for the memories

A place you can call home for now, for today, for yesterday, maybe even for tomorrow. A place that totally consumes your soul, at least for this week. A fear that intermittently exists, a curiosity that would kill the cat, a feeling of the strangest loss yet utter belonging. The strength you find within you … Continue reading Ma’asallama Magic Kingdom. Thanks for the memories

Dreaming of the Maldives

    What do you imagine when you think of the Maldives? Honeymooners ranched on luxurious holiday homes on stilts? Celebrities boarding their sea planes on route to their private islands? Millionaires laying out on deserted white sands, champagne cocktails in hand? Romance…clear waters…stunning sunsets…. Luxury…Picture perfect, brochure ready, a holiday maker’s paradise? Living in … Continue reading Dreaming of the Maldives