5 Ways to be a responsible traveller

    Do we need to justify our travel bug to beat our persistent guilt? Does travelling sustainably, responsibly and ethically ease those lingering feelings? These words are bounced about all over the place these days and increasingly travellers are being accused of irresponsible travel. That makes me feel guilty, along with feeling guilty for being “privileged” … Continue reading 5 Ways to be a responsible traveller

Dreaming of the Maldives

    What do you imagine when you think of the Maldives? Honeymooners ranched on luxurious holiday homes on stilts? Celebrities boarding their sea planes on route to their private islands? Millionaires laying out on deserted white sands, champagne cocktails in hand? Romance…clear waters…stunning sunsets…. Luxury…Picture perfect, brochure ready, a holiday maker’s paradise? Living in … Continue reading Dreaming of the Maldives